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Search Engine Registration Scam

I received the following email after recently registering a new domain name. An edited copy of the email is as follows. Hi there Michael Petrynka, Domain Name: [your domain name and some account number]This email is being sent out to you because search registration for [your domain name] is pending... [More]

Visual Studio PropertyGrid Category Order

Looking for a way to control the order in which your component property categories are displayed in the PropertyGrid control? Borrowing from some other examples I found online, the following solution falls well within the definition of a hack. The PropertyGrid uses a string sorter in order to sort ... [More]

Rendering a bbUI ImageList using jQuery Ajax and Backbone Views

Sample javascript for rendering an RSS feed into a bbUI ImageList widget. Uses jQuery, Backbone.js, and bbUI.js [More]

BBUI ActionBar using Backbone and jQuery

Sample code demonstrating BBUI ActionBar using Backbone.js and jQuery. [More]

jQuery Mobile Custom Data Icons

jQuery Mobile allows for custom icons to be used in place of the standard icon set within many of the widgets of that already support icons. These widgets include buttons, list view items, and navigation bar items. In this example, I wanted to create custom icons for navigation bar items that would... [More]

Choosing a Mobile App Development Strategy

Choosing a mobile application development strategy may not be an easy task. The strategy will depend on different factors including leveraging existing knowledge, strengths, tools, and what is the desired target platform. To add to the mix, there continues to be an ongoing debate as to whether or no... [More]

Using jQuery Mobile Nested List

jQuery Mobile's nested list can be used in may different ways including simplified data entry, structured auditing or surveys, and product selection with options. When jQuery Mobile encounters a nested list in your page, it automatically creates child pages for each child list. Clicking (tapping) o... [More]

jQuery Mobile Site Navigation Page

The JQuery Mobile framework is great for creating native looking mobile sites using HTML5 and javascript. In this example, I will demonstrate how to create a site navigation page triggered by a navigation button in the main page footer. If you are not familiar with jQuery Mobile, I suggest you read... [More]

BlogEngine GoDaddy Shared Hosting Virtual Root Path Issue

I am hosting this blog using one of GoDaddy's shared hosting plans. As many other BlogEngine users have reported, GoDaddy's hosting platform will include the folder name that contains your BlogEngine installation within the URL of all links generated by BlogEngine. I was experiencing the same issue ... [More]